A fairly up to date resumé, but a LONGER (more complete) resumé is out on my LinkedIn profile complete with "shout out's" and recommendations.
My "Giving Back" presentation(s) for the Denver Dev Day 06-23-2017. A sample app to showcase part of Microsoft's UWP Community Toolkit. Hopefully the talk will inspire others to help with the toolkit as well and I don't put everybody to sleep.
My previous Denver DEV Day presentation - Entity Framework Core. Officially only presenting THE BASICS instead of intermediate and advanced too.
National CineMedia - I work here as an "Enterprise Solutions Architect". Currently working on microservices in either .Net Core or .Net Standard. None of what I do is public facing, sorry about that.
CiCi @ Spilled Milk Comics - A science fiction comic book mini-series I published back in mid 2002. The source code for the site is out on GitHub.
Check Out My Stuff - A free library site for YOUR stuff that you want to loan out to people (just cause you can and you're nice). I may put the source out on GitHub.
Idiot Driver - A voice driven twitter client to rant about idiots on the road. Coming soon to the Apple Store and Google Play.
MooVee Picker - A site that aggregates Box Office data from many different sources and allows you to make intelligent screen choices for the Fantasy Movie Leage game.
This site's code lives on GitHub. So <meta/>